The board portal software you choose will affect how your business performs. Choose a program that is easy to use for everyone in your board, and helps to improve engagement meeting attendance and overall efficiency.

When you are looking at board management software solutions, take note of these important characteristics that will help you select the best vendor for your business:

Centralized access to meeting read more materials and documents with strict permissions that ensure only board members have access to private information. Sharing that is optimized to cut down on the time and effort of distribution of board materials and allows for convenient uploading and reviewing meeting materials using any device.

This tool allows you to sign important documents electronically, such as minutes of meetings and policies documents. This feature is essential to decrease the risk of cybersecurity attacks that cost companies more than $1 trillion annually according to McAfee.

Simple user interface with easy-to-use icons and a simple layout, designed for mobile and desktop devices. Flexible design allows for customization, with options to create custom dashboards and bookmark important documents and pages.

Online collaboration support is enhanced with tools that let users make notes on screen and discuss ideas with others in real-time. These can be shared either publicly or privately in accordance with the context.

Board portals must have a meeting planner that allows admins to easily send out invitations and reminders, along with a list of upcoming events and materials for preparation. During your demonstrations, talk to each prospective vendor about their process for scheduling meetings and how they will deal with last-minute changes to agenda items or document updates.

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