Others choose to destroy their letters as a sign of being done with their addiction once and for all. I will also apologize to those whom I have hurt because of how you influenced me.

I mastered your ways, the spell you cast on others and how you grip down on people with your deceitful tricks. Because of this mastery, I’m now able to help others break loose from your chains too.

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E) YOU showed me a path to complete self-destruction and utter despair, so dark and terrifying that I felt I had no other way out except to murder who I was. You led me to want to kill the person that I had become so that I could never again be who I once was. METH, I WILL SIT AND WATCH YOU END YOUR LIFE, JUST LIKE YOU SAT BY AND WATCHED WHEN I ENDED MINE.

  • When I struggle through long days and hard nights, they help me get through them.
  • Just like after a breakup, sometimes you need closure.
  • Whether you are starting or are far down your recovery path, you may want to consider putting your thoughts and feelings into words.
  • Waiting to pounce at any given moment…waiting to take hold of our sanity and our serenity, down to a visceral level, when we turn our backs for just one second.
  • Without community support during your recovery, it can be challenging to say goodbye to your addiction.
  • And the obsession is gone; I don’t miss you.

Take this short quiz based on the psychiatric diagnostic criteria for addictive https://ecosoberhouse.com/ disorders. It will let you know where you stand in regard to addiction.

Therapeutic Benefits

I’m happy to say I’ve taken control of my life again and surrounded myself with people who only have my best interests at heart. As much as it hurts to walk away from you, I know this is the right decision for both of us. Without you here to hold me down, I’ll finally be able to become the person I always dreamed I goodbye letter to addiction could be. Like all unhealthy relationships, it’s time for you to end things with your addiction once and for all. It starts with you confronting your addiction head on. I once thought that I could not make it without you. Now, I am able to acknowledge and accept that you were the cause of all my misery and worry.

In fact, I was in debt because of you. You seduced me with the idea that I was free of all prejudices and that “society” was trying to brainwash me. Abandoning my career goals, I turned to petty crimes. Abandoning friendship, I turned to exploiting others. No longer brainwashed by society, I hardly realized how I was being brainwashed by you.

The Benefits of Writing a Letter to Addiction

The addiction isn’t worth what you’ve lost. You might think you have everyone fooled, but I have news for you, Alcohol – WE ARE ON TO YOU! There is a movement of people who are rising up above your influence and we are saying we want more for our lives. My sponsor asked me to write a farewell letter to my addiction. The Cayman Compass, a newspaper in the Cayman Islands, discusses the process of psychotherapy with Richard Singer.

goodbye letter to addiction

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